Dolphin DVD Theme Card

An any occasion Greetings Card that showcases the beauty of this wonderful marine mammal.

Buy Dolphin DVD Theme Card

Dolphin DVD Theme Card

What you get

An Environmentally Friendly Card:

  • 100% recycled card.
  • 100% recycled envelope.
  • Sealed inside a protective, biodegradeable sleeve.

A Mini-DVD featuring:

  • A short movie featuring the Dolphin in its beautiful submerged world.
  • A slideshow of 20 superb quality images capturing the splendour of the Dolphin.

Bonus PC Content including:

  • Interactive Photo Gallery of 20 images.
  • Fact File packed full of many interesting facts providing an insight into the life of a Dolphin.
  • 6 high quality Desktop Wallpapers to bring your PC to life.

More about the Dolphin DVD Theme Card here.