Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Commitment to environmental improvement is central and key to Worldwide Footprints.  Our mission as a company is to promote the preservation and conservation of the world’s natural and historic beauty.  However we recognise that during our daily operations we will inevitably have an impact on the environment in various ways and we continuously strive to minimise the potential harmful effects of any activities as much as humanly possible. 


We believe that every company, large or small has a vital role to play in the world’s future, our objective is not only to help sustain our environment for our descendants, but also to rehabilitate the damage already done.  Therefore Worldwide Footprints commitment and drive towards continuous, sustainable environmental improvement is of the highest.


All of the team at Worldwide Footprints will follow, use and where possible exceed policies and procedures that will ensure the conservation of natural resources, while minimising any adverse environmental impact from our operations, including, but not limited to, waste reduction and recycling.


Worldwide Footprints deal largely with multimedia, information products and services and travelling is kept to a minimum.  Therefore our core processes are friendly to the environment.  The products we produce are designed in such a way as to minimise their environmental effects in production, usage and disposal.  Consideration is always given to the environmental effects of any raw materials sourcing and wherever possible Worldwide Footprints will use materials and components that can be or are recycled.


Due to the nature of our work, Worldwide Footprints operates an energy conservation policy to ensure that all non-critical equipment is switched off when not needed and Low energy electrical equipment will always be preferred for purchase.  We will endeavour to perform business electronically, to reduce paper usage.  Any paper that is used will be recycled material.


We will always seek to purchase products that are environmentally friendly, re-usable, recyclable and that do not damage the environment.  Wherever possible, Worldwide Footprints re-uses incoming packaging materials.


We aim to review our environmental policies and procedures regularly to improve our performance and quality and to ensure that they comply with relevant environmental legislations and regulations.  All employees of Worldwide Footprints are made aware of this policy, their responsibilities for environmental issues and their impact on the environment.  This environmental policy statement is on display at the company premises and is made available to the public via our website.


Worldwide Footprints want to ensure that our customers, organisations we work with and anyone that have direct dealings with our company really do see the work we are doing for the planet.  We want people to realise that the planet is in dire need of our help and hope that what we do will encourage others to follow, which in turn will give the world the chance it needs.