Worldwide Footprints Products


Our unique products have been designed and developed completely in-house.  High quality is the foundation for everything we produce and this is reflected in the products we sell.

Motion Postcards

Our first Motion Postcard™ was released in 2001.  Being quite possibly the first CD/DVD Postcard concept in the world, Worldwide Footprints was proud to take the first steps into this expanding media market.  The idea of the Motion Postcard was conceived when one of the directors of the company received a traditional postcard from a member of the family who had been visiting  Italy for a holiday.

DVD Theme Cards

Our DVD Theme Cards showcase some of the world’s most beautiful creatures through breathtaking cinematography, stunning photographic images and an epic music score.  They provide a unique greetings card and gift combination.  Our aim is to encourage people to learn about the animals of our world and hopefully in doing so, plant a seed of hope that they will learn to afford these wonderful creatures the respect, understanding and protection they rightly deserve.