DVD Theme Cards

DVD Theme Cards

DVD Theme Card

What is a DVD Theme Card?

The perfect any occasion gift for all ages, the DVD Theme Card combines an environmentally friendly any occasion greetings card with an interactive, content rich, Mini-DVD for PC or DVD players.  These highly collectible, exciting new cards are a wonderful surprise for friends and family of any age and they can be enjoyed time and time again.

Dolphin DVD

The Mini-DVD

Featuring a Short Movie and Slideshow plus bonus PC content that includes 6 Desktop Wallpapers, 20 Image Photo Gallery, Fact File and Online Interactivity. The DVD Theme Cards showcase some of the world’s most beautiful creatures through breathtaking cinematography, stunning photographic images and an epic music score.

Mini DVD in dvd player

The Mini-DVD is 8cm in diameter and can be played on DVD players and PC's.


Some people do not realise, but when you open a DVD or PC tray, the smaller circular indent is actually there specifically to take a Mini-DVD.


The CollectibleDolphin Card FrontDolphin Card 2

Each DVD Theme Card includes a detachable section that can be easily removed.


This makes for a perfect keepsake.



The Card

Made from 100% recycled board, the greetings card has a unique, high quality, earthy feel.  Being made from recycled board doesn't mean low quality.  This is easily appreciated as soon as you hold one of these cards in your hand.