Motion Postcards

Motion Postcards

Bath Motion Postcard What is a Motion Postcard?

A great alternative to the traditional postcard, our Motion Postcards go one step further to providing the ideal souvenir or the perfect chance to see a destination before visiting.


Each Motion Postcard consists of a square format, unique postcard wallet. Sealed inside and protected by a secure tear-strip flap is a multimedia CD-Rom.

Bath CD-Rom

The Video CD-Rom

Featuring a short movie, photo gallery and online interactivity, the Motion Postcard CD-Rom takes you on a relaxing tour of the featured destination.


The Video CD-Rom has been designed to play on PC and VCD compatible DVD players.


Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains a selection of high quality images which can be printed in postcard format.


Bath Motion Postcard ScreenshotOxford Motion Postcard ScreenshotStratford Motion Postcard Screenshot


When played on a PC the Motion Postcard provides direct links to information about the attractions featured and links to useful sites for those that want to go even further.